Ladders come in many different shapes, colors, lengths, materials, and “load ratings”. The “maximum intended load” is the total load of all persons, equipment, tools, materials, transmitted loads, and other loads reasonably anticipated to be applied to a ladder or ladder component at any one time.

The ladder type is the designation that identifies the “maximum intended load” (working load) of the ladder. Ladder types are as follows:

  • Extra Heavy Duty IAA Maximum intended load 375lbs
  • Extra Heavy Duty IA Maximum intended load 300lbs
  • Heavy Duty I Maximum intended load 250lbs
  • Medium Duty II Maximum intended load 225lbs
  • light Duty III Maximum intended load 200lbs

Two additional points:

  • Make sure NOT to overload your ladder.
  • Don’t exceed either the “maximum intended load” or the manufacturer’s rated capacity.

For more information see WAC 296-876-40005 (in Washington State) or your local OSHA office.