WILDERNESS FIRST AID, (Starting July 7, 2010). Our standard course (16 – 20 Hours) covers a more in depth look into the following topics: Actions in an Emergency; Victim Assessment and Urgent Care; Care for Bleeding, Wounds, and Burns; Dressings and Bandages; Bone, Joint, and Muscle Injuries; Physical and Environmental Hazards; Poisons, Toxins and Poisonous Plants; Animal Bites, Human Bites, and Snakes; Insect and Arthropod Bites and Stings. This course was assembled by the “Wilderness Medical Society” and the “American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons”. The course has been accepted by: American Camp Association, Boy Scouts of American and many more. To sign up Call Rick at 509-979-0849 or email me at rick@thesafetycenter.us

Class dates: July 7th, 14th, 21th, and 28th

Times: 5:30pm – 10 pm