• To help you find the “right” course for you, please do the following:

    • First, if you are taking this training just because YOU want it, you can pick any course that fits your personal needs.

    • Second, if you are taking this training for work, pick the group that best fits your needs. For example, if you only work with adults, pick group 1.

    • Third, when you are at the “Group Page”, please pay attention to the items in red. They will help you to identify your other course options.

    • Once you click on the group name, you will be forwarded to that groups page.

  • Listed below are ALL the First Aid/CPR training courses that we offer.


Group 1 (For people who only work with adults)

(Classes held most Fridays – Check our Calendar for dates)

  • Adult CPR

  • Adult CPR/AED

  • Adult First Aid/CPR (1)

  • Adult First Aid/CPR/BBP (1)

  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED (1)

  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED/BBP (1)


Group 2 (For people who work with Adults/Children/Infants)

(Classes held most Saturdays – Check our Calendar for dates)

  • Peds (Child/Infant) CPR

  • Peds (Adult/Child/Infant) CPR

  • Peds (Adult/Child/Infant) CPR/AED

  • Peds (Adult/Child/Infant) First Aid/CPR (1)

  • Peds (Adult/Child/Infant) First Aid/CPR/BBP (1)

  • Peds (Adult/Child/Infant) First Aid/CPR/AED (1)

  • Peds (Adult/Child/Infant) First Aid/CPR/AED/BBP (1)


Group 3 (For people who work in the Health Care Industry)

(Classes held the 1st  & 3rd Thursday – Check our Calendar for dates)

  • Health Care Provider CPR (2)

  • Professional Rescuer CPR


Group 4 (For people who live, work, or play more then 45 minutes from EMS)

(Classes held quarterly – Check our Calendar for dates)

  • Basic (8 – 10 hr)Wilderness First Aid

  • Standard (16 – 20 hr) Wilderness First Aid (3)

  • Advanced (32 – 40 hr) Wilderness First Aid

  • Boy Scouts of America Program


Group 5 (Specialty Courses)

(Classes held as requested – Check our Calendar for dates)

  • Standard First Aid

  • Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) (4)

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  • Emergency Oxygen (O2)

  • BLAST (Babysitter)



(1)   This course meets ALL Federal and WA State health and safety requirements for first aid providers.

(2)   This course meets ALL WA State Department of Health requirements for health care workers.

(3)   This course was developed with and approved by Wilderness Medical Society and the Boy Scouts of America.

(4)   This course meets ALL Federal and WA State requirements for Bloodborne Pathogens training for first aid providers.


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