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  1. You choose a course.
  2. You purchase a access code by using our PayPal button
  3. We email you an access code with instructors on how to use it.
  4. You log on to their course using an access code. At http://www.jblearning.com/usecode/
  5. After completing your course, you can proceed to the course’s secure written exam.
  6. Upon completion of your exam, you will be instructed to print out a Course Acknowledgment stating that you have completed the online component of the course and you are ready to participate in a skills exam.
  7. You contact The Safety Center to set up your skills examination.
  8. Bring the certificate to The Safety Center for your skills examination.
  9. After completing your skills exam, you are issued a course completion card from The Safety Center. Our course completion cards are valid World Wide!

IMPORTANT! In order to receive a nationally recognized course completion card,

you must complete a skills exam with an authorized Educational Center.


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