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Is First Aid Training Manatory for ALL worksites?

From time to time I review my competitor’s web sites to see what is going on. Recently, I found a site that stated in a font size of about 48 and bright red letters that First Aid training was mandatory and then when they sited the regulation, they dropped down to a font size of [...]

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We will be closed from the 8th to the 18th of June

Taking a vacation on the 8th of June and will be back to conduct training on the 18th of June

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Up coming Classes

Currently, we are booked up until the 8th of June…. If  you need a class we can place you in a class after the 18th or you can try one of our “Online” courses.  If it’s a first aid cpr class just look to the right side of the site and pick one. If it’s [...]

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