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Why Hire a Vet

Here are 10 more reasons to hire veterans according to

Accelerated learning curve.



Diversity and inclusion in action.

Efficient performance under pressure.

Respect for procedures.

Technology and globalization.


Conscious of health and safety standards.

Triumph over adversity.

If Matters Count – Count an a Vet

To read more start here

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Health Benefites of Herbs – Sage

Sage -
Research conducted at the allergy Clinic in Landquart, Switzerland , last year found that sage combined with echinacea was as effective as the painkiller lidocaine in relieving sore throat pain. plus, studies show that the herb’s bacteria-fighting heft makes it a potent breath fresher. To make sage mouthwash, steep 1  tablespoon sage leaves in [...]

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June is “National Safety Month”

Just for fun and to support “National Safety Month” :

Sign up and take a online safety class….
Inspect your car for safety issues
Just think about things before you jump in with both feet.
Plan you Work – and – Work your Plan

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Wilderness First Aid Training Course – Boy Scouts

ECSI is your source for Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid The Emergency Care and Safety Institute is pleased to announce a new venture with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to provide training based on BSA’s new Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines.
Based on BSA’s 16-hour Wilderness First Aid Curriculum, ECSI’s Wilderness [...]

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Wilderness First Aid Class

WILDERNESS FIRST AID, (Starting July 7, 2010). Our standard course (16 – 20 Hours) covers a more in depth look into the following topics: Actions in an Emergency; Victim Assessment and Urgent Care; Care for Bleeding, Wounds, and Burns; Dressings and Bandages; Bone, Joint, and Muscle Injuries; Physical and Environmental Hazards; Poisons, Toxins and Poisonous [...]

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Wilderness First Aid

Emergency Care and Safety Institute and the Boy Scouts of American just completed working together and have published a NEW Wilderness First Aid program that is approved for the Boy Scouts.  We here at “The Safety Center” now offer this training. I don’t have the program up on my web page yet but will be [...]

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So far The Safety Center Has made it to the last three annual meeting for the EWFAAA. They are a association to help the child care industry here in the Spokane area. They meet every month on the 3rd Monday. For more information call their President Dehorah Thurber @ 509-926-6144

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Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show.

The other week we were at the Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show and had a great time. The show ran for four days and I got to talk to folks the whole time. I must have talker to a few hundred folks that did all kinds of different things (mainly, Outfitters and Search and Rescue). [...]

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