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Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show.

The other week we were at the Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show and had a great time. The show ran for four days and I got to talk to folks the whole time. I must have talker to a few hundred folks that did all kinds of different things (mainly, Outfitters and Search and Rescue). But anyway had a blast and will be doing it again next year……See ya there  J

Is First Aid Training Manatory for ALL worksites?

From time to time I review my competitor’s web sites to see what is going on. Recently, I found a site that stated in a font size of about 48 and bright red letters that First Aid training was mandatory and then when they sited the regulation, they dropped down to a font size of about 10. The regulation they sited was for the logging industry not all industry as they are leading people to believe. I think this is meant to lead the reader to believe that first aid training is mandatory in all areas of the working environment, which is just not true. I think it is being done just to drum up business by fear……I have formed The Safety Center into a company that values integrity in everything that we do. I have been working as a Health and Safety Consultant for over 30 years and am certified by the Department of Defense as an instructor…so I’m not just someone that went to a two day instructor trainer course. Don’t be fooled by someone that can’t cite a regulation and state the truth of the intent of the law. If you want the truth, check out my FAQ under my first aid page. Some jobs are required to be certified in First Aid/CPR but not ALL. Check out my list and if all else fails just call and ask me……


Do You Know Adult retention levels?

Do you know what the adult retention rate is, for the things that you Hear, See, Say and Do?

Here is what is?

If you HEAR something, you retain 10% of it.

If you SEE something, you retain 50% of it.

If you SAY something, you retain 70% of it.

If you DO something, you retain 90% of it.

So here at The Safety Center we ask each student to DO something in class. We try to do as much Hands-On training as we can. So if you what or need to retain something make sure that you DO it!


The Today Show and AED’s

The Today Show aired a great segment on the power of AED programs this week.  It shows Philips  HeartStart OnSite in action!

This is a good piece to share with customers and the concept behind “Re-Start DC” could be done in other cities.


Katie Boucher

Indirect Channel Manager

Philips Healthcare


We will be closed from the 8th to the 18th of June

Taking a vacation on the 8th of June and will be back to conduct training on the 18th of June

Up coming Classes

Currently, we are booked up until the 8th of June…. If  you need a class we can place you in a class after the 18th or you can try one of our “Online” courses.  If it’s a first aid cpr class just look to the right side of the site and pick one. If it’s a safety course pick the tab at the top of the site.



We added First Aid/CPR training online…

We just joined up with ECSI to bring to you First Aid/CPR training online. So now you can update you training and call us and make a appointment with us to complete you skills review. It’s that simple………..once site…..once source and your done….it’s easy and safe for you to do.

Currently, we offer: Adult, Child, and Infant First Aid/CPR; ACLS; AED, BBP, Babysitters training, and Professional Rescuer CPR…..

More to come….

Choking Card

rex-cardMy stepdaughter sent me this card and I just got a major kick out of it.  I was just thinking that if anyone out there has anything about the same and would like it to be posted just send it a long and we well see what we can do about getting it posted